Precinct Chairs

Precinct Chairs are the backbone of the Dallas County Democratic Party. A Precinct Chair is the local representative of the Democratic Party and its candidates in their voting precinct. A precinct is a small, grassroots level area of voters, generally bound by one or a few neighborhoods. Each of Dallas County's 798 voting precincts can have its own Precinct Chair who must live in the precinct (though many have few or even no voters, and are covered by their neighbors). Any registered voter that lives in the precinct with some time, energy, and commitment to helping elect Democrats to office can seek to become Precinct Chair. A person can be elected in the Democratic Primary, or chosen to fill an open spot by appointment of the county chair.

What does a Precinct Chair do?

The primary job of a Precinct Chair is to support the Democratic Party and ticket by turning out the Democratic vote in their precinct.

Do Precinct Chairs really help win elections?

Yes! Active Precinct Chairs can make an enormous difference. When you look at the election returns you can tell which precincts have active Chairs, by comparing them to ones next door with similar demographics, but don't turn out as well.

Is it fun?

Yes, if you are open, honest, and positive about the difference that you are making for your community. Many voters who are or would be Democrats have never had another Democratic neighbor knock on their door or call them to ask for their votes, and are excited to be contacted. Those who are Republicans or uninterested you can simply cross off your list and not bother with again. Very few are actually rude, and you’ll meet many interesting people, make new friends out of voters, and fellow precinct chairs.

How does a Precinct Chair increase the Democratic vote?

Precinct Chairs have a number of resources available from the Dallas County Democratic Party. We will provide training, lists of likely Democrats in your neighborhood, and digital resources to organize. During our Coordinated Campaigns, the DCDP also provides literature, yard signs, and other tools to help you get out the vote. With these tools, Precinct Chairs can identify other Democrats in their precinct who may be interested in helping or have questions about voting. This is the core of grassroots politics; neighbors talking to neighbors and engaging with them on voting in every election.

What else does a Precinct Chair get to do?

Precinct Chairs are also members of the County Executive Committee of the Dallas County Democratic Party. The Executive Committee meets every quarter to get a review of the party activities and fill vacant Precinct Chair positions. There are also various councils and committees that Precinct Chairs and Organizers can serve on. In rare occasions, Precinct Chairs will vote to replace nominees on the ballot.

Candidates for public office, in the Primary or the General election, or even in non-partisan elections such as city councils and school boards, may ask Precinct Chairs for their support and endorsement. Precinct Chairs are bound to support the Democratic nominees, but free to endorse, as individuals, in the Democrat Primary, or any candidate in non-partisan elections, but they are not required. The endorsement and support of very active Precinct Chairs can greatly help a candidate.

Are Precinct Chairs the Election Judges in their voting precinct?

It is encouraged, but not required to be.. Many Precinct Chairs do serve as the Election Judge as an opportunity to meet other Democratic neighbors and voters, some are unable to serve for a variety of reasons, but help recruit someone to work.

It is important to have good Democratic Election Judges (or Alternate Judges, in a Republican precinct. The Democratic Party may ask a Precinct Chair if they wish to be the Election Judge, or if they know someone else who would be interested if they do not, but there is no automatic appointment of Precinct Chairs to be Election Judges or Alternates. A Precinct Chair that does not serve as Election Judge does not get to pick the Election Judge for their precinct; the Election Judges are nominated by the Party and subject to approval by the County Commissioner's Court, as required by state law.

How can I help or become a Precinct Chair?

The poet John Donne famously said "No man is an island." This is especially true when it comes to political activism. First, check if your voting precinct has a Chair by scrolling down to your precinct number below. If you're unsure of your voting precinct, you can look it up here. Next, contact your Precinct Chair at the contact information or the Dallas County Democratic Party at 214-821-8331.

If your precinct does not currently have a Precinct Chair, you can apply to be one by submitting this application, via email to or mail to our HQ. The DCDP County Chair may appoint persons to fill vacancies. Those appointments must then be approved by the Executive Committee at their quarterly meeting.

If your precinct does have a current precinct chair and you want to become the chair, you must file to be on the primary ballot. The voters in the Democratic Primary elect Precinct Chairs for a two year term, which starts after the Primary Runoff in even years.

You may place your name on the ballot for Precinct Chair in the next Democratic Primary by submitting the official state filing form. The filing form may be downloaded and printed from the Secretary of State's Election Division. Be sure to insert the word "Precinct" before "Chair", and, of course, "Democratic" before "Primary". The window to file is open every odd year September through December.

What should I expect after submitting my application for appointment?

After your application is received and reviewed, you will be contacted by DCDP staff and given more details about the next CEC meeting. If you'd like business cards and a name badge with our logo, let us know! We can provide you with a DCDP-branded Avery template to print your own business cards at home. To request the template, please email

While waiting for the next CEC meeting, appointed precinct chairs may perform only non-statutory duties (most duties are non-statutory). The first thing any new Precinct Chair or Organizer should do is schedule a training, read our Operation Blue Manual, and meet other Precinct Chairs in your area who will have a wide range of experience and ideas on getting started.

Precinct Chair applications to fill vacancies must be submitted to the Dallas County Democratic Party by 12 pm of the last business day before the CEC meeting at which they will be considered.

Precinct Chairs

The following was adopted at the June 2019 CEC meeting:

The identity and contact information (including name, precinct number, street address, email address & phone number) of precinct chairs shall be posted on the DCDP website, unless a precinct chair makes a written request to the DCDP Administrator to eliminate certain contact information. Upon request, the DCDP staff is authorized to distribute only the names and contact information that is listed on the DCDP website.

Click here to view the list of precinct chairs.

Precinct Chair Grant Program

On June 1, 2024, DCDP launched a Precinct Chair Grant Program to help cover voter outreach expenses for our hard-working PC's.

Learn more about the program qualifications and expectations or submit a PC Grant Request at this link.

CEC Committees

If you're interested in serving on a committee, please contact Dr. Levatta Levels, chair of the nominations committee. Members meet once a month on a day decided by the committee.

Bylaws Committee
Eleasia Lewis, Chair
Writes, amends, changes, and updates the Dallas County Democrats bylaws and other governing documents.

Finance Committee
David Bradley, Chair
Reviews party financials and makes recommendations to staff and the County Chair.

Nominations Committee
Dr. Levatta Levels, Chair
Recruits precinct chairs for vacant positions and identifies current precinct chairs that have not yet filed during the filing period.

Precinct Chair Committee
David Fischer, Chair
Gathers information on precinct chair eligibility and trains precinct chairs on VAN, Mobilize, and other tools used for voter outreach.

Resolutions Committee
Dominique Alexander, Chair
Any resolution brought to the body must first be reviewed by this committee, which will report and make recommendations to the body. The committee will also prepare memorial resolutions.

Read our resolutions submission process here.