Become an Election Worker

Election workers are the last line of defense that we have to ensure voters are receiving the smoothest and fairest opportunity to vote. We are actively recruiting election workers to be on our registry to work upcoming elections.

Am I eligible to work?

Most registered voters in Dallas County are eligible to work. However, to be appointed by the Democratic Party you must have voted in the most recent Democratic Primary or sign an oath of affiliation. Opportunities are available for Early Voting and Election Day.

What's the difference between an Election Judge and Election Clerk?

An Election Judge or Alternate Judge is appointed by each Party for each voting location to conduct the election. The Democratic Party appoints an Election Judge if the precinct voted for the Democratic candidate for Governor in mid-term election years or if the precinct voted for the Republican candidate an Alternate Judge is appointed.

An Election Judge is the first point of contact to hold the election and the person in charge of their voting location. An Alternate Judge is the backup if the Election Judge is not able to work. If the Election Judge is able conduct the election, the Alternate Judge is still legally allowed to work in coordination with the Election Judge. An Election Clerk works to support the Judge. These positions are paid positions and workers are recruited for both early voting and Election Day.

Is there training?

Yes! Fully detailed training is provided by the Dallas County Elections Department.

How do I sign up?

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Volunteer as a Location Monitor

This volunteer job is outside of the polling location for the entirety of the approximately two hour shift. You will drive to sites, and report to a DCDP supervisor about such things as line status, adequate parking, appropriate signage, electioneering too close to the door, any visible voter intimidation, etc.

Volunteer in our Boiler Room

Located inside the Dallas County Democratic Party HQ, volunteers will assist in real time with issues that arise on Election Day, that could include technological issues, long lines, early closures, or late opening of polling locations.


Volunteer as a Poll Watcher

This volunteer job is inside polling locations. Poll watchers are trained by the Texas Secretary of State and must take an oath: “I swear (or affirm) that I will not disrupt the voting process or harass voters in the discharge of my duties.” Poll watchers will receive a certificate of appointment, which they must bring to each polling location in addition to their Certificate of Completion of the Texas Secretary of State training.

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