Trump Convicted


For Immediate Release

May 30, 2024


Dallas, Texas - 

On Thursday afternoon, Donald Trump was convicted on all 34 counts by a jury of his peers in the historic hush money case. Donald Trump is the first president to ever face criminal charges, and the only former president to ever be convicted of a felony crime.

Accusations of corruption have plagued the Trump presidency since before the former president formally took office. In 2016, Donald Trump infamously solicited Russian intervention during a debate in the midst of an FBI investigation into attempted election fraud. Since then, Donald Trump has made repeated attempts to weaken our democracy, resulting in multiple criminal cases against the former president for his involvement in unduly influencing and interfering with US elections. 

Dallas County Democratic Party Chair Kardal Coleman issued the following statement:

“This much is clear: Donald Trump has no interest in protecting the American people; he is only concerned with using his power and influence to protect himself while everyday voters suffer. Instead of ‘draining the swamp’ he has admitted that he will use the highest office in the land to place his political lackeys in positions of power to evade justice. Unfortunately for him, no one is above the law. Now it is up to the voters to hold him accountable.”

Donald Trump’s legal problems will continue to follow him into November. In In 2023, Donald Trump was found liable in a sexual abuse case, and is currently indicted in three election interference cases in addition to the New York hush money case.


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