STATEMENT: Texas Democratic Party, Dallas County Democratic Party, Respond to Eric Johnson’s Welcome Announcement

For Immediate Release

September 22, 2023


AUSTIN - The Texas Democratic Party, in partnership with the Dallas County Democratic Party, issued the following statements in response to Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson’s announcement that he has formally switched parties. 

Gilberto Hinojosa and Shay Wyrick Cathey, Chair and Vice-Chair of the Texas Democratic Party, issued the following joint statement: 

“Given his long-standing affinity with Republican leaders and ideology — like when he cozied up with longtime podcast host Ted Cruz at his inauguration this year — this announcement is neither surprising nor unwelcome. But the voters of Dallas deserved to know where he stood before he ran for reelection as Mayor. He wasn’t honest with his constituents, and knew he would lose to a Democrat if he flipped before the election. In a city that deserves dedicated leadership, Mayor Johnson has been an ineffective and truant mayor, not only disconnected from Democratic values, but unable to even be an effective messenger for conservative local policy. This feeble excuse for democratic representation will fit right in with Republicans — and we are grateful that he can no longer tarnish the brand and values of the Texas Democratic Party.”

Kardal Coleman, Dallas County Democratic Party Chair, issued the following statement: 

“Today’s announcement by Mayor Eric Johnson is nothing short of an insult to the electorate. However, the people of Texas are not surprised. This switch is the launch of a self-centered agenda that puts politics over people. Mayor Johnson has turned his back on the very voters who trusted that he would uphold our hard-fought Democratic values. Just last week, the Texas Republican Party proved its standing as a party of corruption and crime by voting not to impeach Attorney General Ken Paxton. That Johnson has the gall to join a party so blatantly opposed to the values of Dallas is an embarrassment not only to him, but to our community."