STATEMENT: Dallas Democrats Reject Republican Attacks On Health Care on 14th ACA Anniversary

For Immediate Release

March 23, 2024

Dallas Democrats Reject Republican Attacks
On Health Care on 14th ACA Anniversary 

DALLAS, TX — Today, Dallas County Democratic elected officials and candidates joined forces to disavow Republican attacks on the Affordable Care Act. 

Dallas County Democratic Party Chair Kardal Coleman issued the following statement: 
“More folks enrolled in ACA plans this year than ever before, but despite that, Republicans are still actively fighting to kick millions of Texans off their healthcare by threatening to overturn the ACA fourteen years later. Let’s be clear; Texas Republicans like Ted Cruz do not care about affordable healthcare. In fact, Ted Cruz introduced legislation to fully repeal the ACA in 2017, and even voted against capping insulin costs at $35, a piece of legislation that has already saved lives.”
Democratic nominee for Texas’ 32nd Congressional District Julie Johnson issued the following statement:
“I’m proud to be an American and a Democrat on this anniversary of the Affordable Care Act. Fourteen years later, Americans have made it clear - we will not go back. We won’t go back to zero coverage due to pre-existing conditions, skyrocketing premiums, or lifetime caps on coverage. President Obama’s landmark legislation significantly reduced uninsured rates and provided millions of Americans with access to essential healthcare. Now, Congress should build on the success of the ACA by providing more mental health coverage in primary care and lowering the cost of prescription drugs for all Americans.”

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins issued the following statement:
“I know firsthand the importance of coverage. Our coverage allowed my wife to get the necessary prenatal care that led to the successful delivery of our twins. Without testing and bi-weekly sonograms that caught the deterioration of our daughter’s umbilical cord, we might have lost our babies. Fourteen years ago, the Obama Administration made history by advancing health coverage and equity in the United States with the Affordable Care Act. With this hallmark legislation, millions of Texans, and thousands of Dallas County residents have gained coverage and health protections. Under President Biden’s leadership, a record number of individuals enrolled in the marketplace this year, guaranteeing accessible and affordable health coverage for many families.”

The Dallas County Democratic Party is an inclusive, people-powered movement that believes in equal opportunity, fairness, freedom, family, community, and a responsibility to ourselves and each other.