Polls Open Until 9PM Due to Severe Weather Delays

For Immediate Release

May 28, 2024

Polls Open Until 9PM Due to Severe Weather Delays

Dallas, Texas - Polling locations will remain open until 9 P.M., two hours after originally planned closing times. This extension is due to severe weather conditions which caused delayed openings and location closures. Inoperable conditions prevented 101 out of 282 available locations from opening to voters.


The Dallas County Democrat Party filed for an emergency petition to extend voting hours on Tuesday morning. The election will determine the sheriff’s race between Democratic candidates Marian Brown and Lupe Valdez.


Dallas County Democratic Party Chair Kardal Coleman issued the following statement:


“Voters deserve free and fair access to the ballot box, and we are hopeful that the extended polling hours will help offset obstacles voters may face due to severe weather conditions. In a low turnout location, every vote really counts.”


Open polling locations can be found at dallasdemocrats.org/election-update/



The Dallas County Democratic Party is an inclusive, people-powered movement that believes in equal opportunity, fairness, freedom, family, community, and a responsibility to ourselves and each other.