Information about mail-in ballot duplicates

DALLAS — The Dallas County Democratic Party (DCDP) has recently been made aware of issues concerning mail-in ballots throughout Dallas County. As we work to gain all of the facts from the County Elections Department, we will make sure to keep voters updated and informed. 


For the upcoming election on November 8th, approximately 10,000 mail-in ballots were mailed-out to voters in our county that did not include an oval and line for someone to vote for a write-in candidate in the races for Congressional District 30, SBOE District 11, and SBOE District 12. Due to this error, the Texas Elections Code mandates the County Elections Department to send out a second, corrected ballot to the voters affected, and they have done so. 


This is the second time an issue with mail-in ballots has occurred here in Dallas County during this election cycle; earlier this year during the March primary, thousands of voters were similarly impacted by a mail-in ballot issue. The approximate 10,000 mail-in ballots impacted now, represent almost half of the total number of ballots that have been mailed out to-date by the County Elections Department. In a Texas election environment that is still facing voter suppression impacts from the passing of SB1 in the 87th Legislative Session, combined with continued fear stoked from our Republican counterparts of “election and voter fraud,” errors like this only add to the confusion and distrust of the election process. We stand against anyone or anything that impedes a fair voting process and access to the ballot box.


DCDP is in direct contact with the County Elections Department and is doing everything within its power to ensure that voters who received initial ballots without write-in options are as informed as possible. The County Elections Department has provided instructions for those who received a second ballot, but, in an effort to make sure everyone has all of the necessary information to be able to vote, here’s what you need to know if you were affected. If you have already returned the first mail-in ballot, rest assured that your vote will count. However, DCDP strongly urges you to complete and return your corrected second mail-in ballot if you have received one, whether you completed the first ballot or not.

Regardless of whether you received two ballots, if you want to vote in-person, you may still have the ability to do so. The Texas Secretary of State’s Office says it clearly:


  • If you surrender either ballot at your polling place, you will be able to vote a regular ballot, not a provisional ballot.
  • You also have the ability to submit a Request to Cancel Application for a Ballot by Mail, no later than Saturday, November 5th, and, if you do so, you will also be able to vote a regular ballot in person (not a provisional ballot).

Dallas County Democratic Party Chair Kristy Noble issued the following statement:

"No matter which method you use to vote, rest assured that DCDP will do everything we can to make sure your vote is safe, secure, and counted. We will continue to fight against Republicans who pass harmful voting legislation and against these shortcomings by the County Elections Department."