Women In the LGBTQ+ Community

Join us for a panel discussion from women in the LGBTQ+ community, including precinct chairs Alicia Chang and Susie Hess, Judge Tonya Parker, candidate Danielle Pellett, and HRC organizer Criss Ruiz.

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Sponsor the Dallas County Democratic Party's 17th Annual Fish Fry

Each year this event is our largest gathering of Democratic voters, officeholders and candidates, coming together for food, fellowship, and fun. Sponsor today!

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Meals on Wheels

We're teaming up with Meals on Wheels on Thursday, September 21!

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Summer Workshops

As promised by DCDP Chair Carol Donovan, we're rolling out a series of summer workshops as part of our Democratic Leadership Institute. These trainings will better equip you all for the 2018 elections and make you the best activists you can be! All trainings will be taught by experts in their fields, and they are completely free to attend. Make sure to RSVP for each class you plan to attend.

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Tillotson Speaker Series

We invite you to join us on Friday, October 6 at noon for the Tillotson Speaker Series. The keynote speaker is Hon. Sarah Saldaña. All funds will benefit the DCDP. The cost per luncheon is $50 and includes a 3-course meal at Maggiano’s Restaurant.

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Filing Begins For Precinct Chairs

Filing for Precinct Chairs began on Tuesday, September 12, 2017, at 9:30 AM, at the Dallas County Democratic Party office. The forms are available at the office or on line. The form must be notarized. (We usually have a Notary Public at the office, but you should call first to make sure.) They may also be delivered in person or mailed in to the office. Read more about Precinct Chairs at http://dallasdemocrats.org/about/precinct-chairs.html

DCDP Resistance Calendar

Check Out Our New Resistance Calendar

Resistance and civil disobedience in 2017 requires intersectional solidarity and community organizing. An attack on some of us is an attack on all of us. We have to stand united and fight all forms of oppression during Trump's Administration.

Your Dallas Democrats have compiled a calendar of local and statewide events, hosted by our allies and other organizations that are working to resist the Trump administration and Texas GOP leaders. Make sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly for new events.

It is important to remember that these events are not strictly hosted by Democratic clubs/organizations; sign up for our Roundup for a weekly email blast that includes upcoming Democratic events.

Help us keep our resistance calendar up-to-date by sending new event information to Tessa at tessa@dallasdemocrats.org or calling the Dallas County Democratic Party office at 214-821-8331.

Meet Our Officials

See who represents Dallas County from the People’s House to the Court House. We’ve compiled elected officials’ websites, Facebook and Twitter accounts, so you don’t have to go looking. 

See Our Leadership Council

The Leadership Council is a special group within the Dallas County Democratic Party of elected officials who provide financial and leadership support to the party.  Our elected officials understand that a strong local party is key to their own success during their initial election and subsequent re-elections.  This financial support allows the party to provide more comprehensive voter outreach for candidates and develop expansive “Get Out The Vote” efforts. See the list at this page.