Party By-Laws

The Dallas County Democratic Party is governed by the Rules of the Texas Democratic Party. These are online as a pdf document at this page. They set forth the process for electing local party officials and delegates to Conventions, and rules applying to all levels of the Democratic Party including committees and sub-committees. These include such matters as non-discrimination, open meetings, no secret ballots, and this provision: "Every person who accepts a Party office at any level (including the position of Convention Delegate and Alternate) must agree to support all of the Party’s nominees or shall be removed." 

The Dallas County Democratic Party has also adopted additional rules, by-laws, and official policies by vote of the DCDP Executive Committee (made up of the County Chair, County Secretary, and the county's Precinct Chairs), and by the Advisory Council as authorized by the Executive Committee. This section contains adopted rules, by-laws, and official policies of the Dallas County Democratic Party and its Advisory Council, committees, and sub-committees.

DCDP Email Policy (adopted 2007)

The Dallas County Democratic Party will not give, share, or sell email addresses to third parties.

DCDP Policy on Endorsements, Warnings, and Issue Resolutions (adopted 2007)

A.           The Dallas County Democratic Party Executive Committee will not make endorsements or warnings in Democratic Primaries or in non-partisan elections.

B.           Issue Resolutions (Not related to candidates):

               1.            A resolution proposed at a County Executive Committee (CEC) meeting with no previous notice will automatically be postponed until the next meeting unless 3/4 of the CEC members in attendance vote to consider it at that same meeting.

               2.            Any resolution must receive a vote of 2/3 of the CEC members in attendance to be successfully passed by the body.

C.           No Party official may present as the official position of the party any warning or resolution on an issue, except if passed as in Part B above or for courtesy resolutions.

DCDP Online Privacy Policy (adopted 2005)

The Dallas County Democratic Party (DCDP) is committed to protecting your personal privacy online. Following are our procedures and policies for collection, use and disclosure of your personal information.

The DCDP website can only collect your personal information such as name, e-mail address, phone number, if you choose to provide it. Merely visiting the site and browsing our pages does not provide personal identifying information. Our servers do note your IP number, which indicates what Internet location you are using to connect to our site. This is very common; all websites collect IP information in order to improve server performance, track page usage, and protect from intrusion and abuse such as hacking. Your IP number is not connected to personal information such as name or phone number.

If we receive your email address or you request to join our e-mail newsletter, send us e-mail or messages through our site, or make a contribution, we will have access to the information you provide at that time. It may be made available to DCDP staff so that they can help respond to your request and send updates about news or events. If you join our e-mail newsletter, you will be provided in each email with information about how to unsubscribe and stop receiving e-mails.

It is the general policy of the DCDP not to make personal information available to anyone other than its employees or agents who need to know that information in the course of their duties. However, the DCDP is required to disclose information regarding its contributions to comply with campaign finance laws. For example, Federal law requires us to use our best efforts to collect and report the name, mailing address, occupation and name of employer of individuals whose contributions aggregate in excess of $200 in a calendar year.

This site does not ask for or knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of 13.

While we make every attempt to insure that the third party sites to which we link contain accurate and timely information, we cannot be held responsible for content at other websites.

We will not sell email contact information provided through this website to unrelated third parties. The DCDP may need to update this online privacy policy in the future. Any changes to this text will appear at the same location.

Advisory Council By-Laws

The Advisory Council coordinates the development and adoption of policies by the DCDP standing committees, and reports its recommendations to the Executive Committee. In addition, the Advisory Council provides advice and counsel to the Chair of the DCDP.  The Executive Committee created the Advisory Council in 2005 to assist in the reorganization of the Dallas County Democratic Party.  Since that time, the Advisory Council has taken on the role of providing oversight for other party committees.

Download Advisory Council By-Laws

Precinct Chair  Matters Committee

The Precinct Chair Matters (PCM) committee’s operational responsibilities are to: (1) recruit and train Precinct Chairs; (2) energize and retain qualified Precinct Chairs; and (3) assist Precinct Chairs and activists to increase Democratic voter turnout. The PCM members are
representatives from each Neighborhood who assist and guide Precinct Chairs in the performance of their duties and also identify issues and needs of Precinct Chairs. The PCM Committee, through its Chair, works closely with the County Chair.

Download Precinct Chair Matters By-Laws

Strategic Planning Committee By-Laws

The Strategic Planning Committee makes recommendations regarding the overall strategic direction of the Dallas County Democratic Party. Both near-term (one or two future election cycles) and long-term (two or more election cycles) are considered.  This committee performs various task management duties for the Dallas County Democratic Party.

Download Strategic Planning Committee By-Laws