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Thank you for supporting the Dallas County Democratic Party. Your support is vital to helping us meet our goals.

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Preparations are being made now for the 2020 election year!

Your Dallas County Democratic Party operates solely on the donations of generous Democrats like you. We are self-funded and that means your local party doesn't receive donations from state or national Democratic committees. Your donations pay for things like the copy machine, Internet, phones, the summer electric bill and much more. Make a one time donation to the DCDP and help us keep Dallas County Blue!

Make a one-time donation.

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Help us meet our goal of 150 new or renewing memberships!

The Sustaining Membership is an opportunity for Democratic members to show their support for the Party. As you know, the party operates to serve the party membership, elected officials, candidates and other activists and voters throughout the county. The members are the backbone of the party. Their continuous activities keep Democrats in office, and keep our values alive in a sea of RED. The challenges to our issues and candidates always need support. That support comes from a viable party office. 

As you can imagine, it costs plenty to keep us running and keep us BLUE. Monthly expenditures for the two full time people and one part-time staff person plus two part-time consultants runs approximately $16,000 per month or nearly $190,000 per year. DCDP receives about $7,000 from Sustaining Members annually leaving $183,000 to come from others. The balance of the funding comes from contributors, but these are not constant or certain annual contributions as their ability or willingness to contribute changes also. The only way to make sure the office is fully funded is through Sustaining Member contributions. Most county offices are nearly fully funded by Sustaining Memberships. We hope DCDP becomes like other offices.

Your regular donation of as little as $10 a month is an investment in the future of the local Democratic Party. Thank you for your contributions and concern for DCDP.

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