Working to Win

Working to Win
Saturday, Feb 18, 2023
Registration 9:30 AM
10 AM - 3 PM Presentation and workshops

Bill J. Priest Institute
1402 Corinth Street
Dallas, TX 75215

Please join us for 2023 Working to Win, a workshop on Dallas County Democrats’ strategy in 2023 as we prepare the party for future success. This event is free and promises to be a good time. For better planning and lunch purposes, please take a moment to RSVP.


The morning general session will include an overview of what worked in 2022 and areas of improvement as we build for 2024. We will also outline priority issues, messaging, and activations for 2023. After lunch, we will break out into trainings, where you can choose to attend two of four workshops. The following training sessions are being offered:

Emerging Generations: how to engage young voters

Camila will share how to mobilize high school students by joining the MTTP speaker program as well as start civic engagement clubs at local high schools. Charles Griffith will focus on voting options for college students including registering to vote at their college, absentee voting, and “limited ballots”. We will also ask high school and college students to join us and share experiences in their student civic clubs.

Issue Based Organizing: engaging the 56% of Dallas County voters who did not vote in the '22 midterms

Join our Dallas County Democrats Vice Chair and other presenters as they share ideas for messages and conversations to engage infrequent voters. Democrats need to get comfortable with consistent messaging and engaging with voters to understand what they care about.

Block Walking in Odd Years: why and how?

Observe different approaches to block walking with this group of experienced block walkers in this interactive workshop. 2023 is a great year to knock on doors and build your neighborhood list of Democrats, as well as GOTV for the municipal election.

Tech in Politics: REACHing every voter

Learn how to use your own networks, social media platforms, and contacts to increase voter turnout through tracking your personal contacts. This is the perfect activity for the hot summer months! In addition, learn how technology can be used to GOTV in new ways.