DCDP Club of the Month

North Dallas Texas Democratic Women

Website: www.ndtdw.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ndtdw/
President: Lenna Webb
Regular Meetings: Fourth Thursday of the month.
Upcoming Events:  NDTDW Summer Party June 03, 2017

North Dallas Texas Democratic Women (NDTDW) has been serving the North Dallas Democratic community since 2002 and has members from all over the DFW metroplex. A chapter of the Texas Democratic Women who have been in existence for thirty years, NDTDW are consistently one of the largest chapters in the state. They are not just women, they also have many male members!  Their members have played key roles in electing Democrats, especially Democratic Women, in Dallas County. NDTDW’s bi-annual Women Warrior Award Luncheon fundraiser helped raised funds to campaigns for County Sheriff, Judicial, Congressional and State House races.

In addition to their regular meeting’s on the fourth Thursday of the month (except June & December when they have parties, and July and November) they also hold a bi-monthly Book Club and a monthly Movie/Dinner club which meet off-site.  Since March NDTDW have been running a series of seminars entitled: “A Brief Introduction to the Constitution and Ancillary Documents”.  There are three sessions in the series starting with the “Old Dead Philosophers”(upon whose teaching many of our ideals are based), the Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederation.  The second session covers the Constitution itself and the final session is on the Constitutional Amendments.  For upcoming dates and to register, go to http://ndtdw.com/politicsgovernment-101-seminar/ .

Since the political climate has changed so drastically, North Dallas Texas Democratic Women has gone through an evolution on how to best address resistance and outreach for their members. The result is NDTDW’s Persuasion Project, for which they have added an additional regular meeting on the third Tuesdays at the church.  Within the project there are three groups: NextGen/GOTV, Education and Health Care. Those groups are focusing first on identifying the groups values and then putting the vocabulary together to be used when “persuading” others that NDTDW’s values are the same as their values.  When they use the IRS method (Inquire what the other person values; truly Relate to that person by active listening; and Share your stories about the values you discover you have in common), NDTDW members set up a situation that opens the possibility of that person seeing how they really are democrats through shared values.

Their regular meetings are at the Northaven United Methodist Church, 11211 Preston Road, 2nd Floor. Visit their website and sign-up for regular emails to stay in touch with all NDTDW activities.