Democratic Candidates For 2014 In Dallas County.

Incumbents are labelled INC. Offices are in ballot order. 

Office Sought  Name Website Facebook Twitter CampPhone CampEmail
U.S. Senator David M. Alameel Website Facebook Twitter 972-479-5800 info AT
U.S. Representative 24 Patrick McGehearty Website Facebook 972-979-8469 patrick AT
U.S. Representative 30 Eddie Bernice Johnson INC Website 214-871-9291 ebj AT
U.S. Representative 32 Frank Perez
U.S. Representative 33 Marc Veasey INC Website Facebook Twitter
Governor Wendy Davis Website Facebook Twitter 817-886-8863 info AT
Lieutenant Governor Leticia R. Van de Putte Website Facebook Twitter info AT
Attorney General Sam Houston Website Facebook
Comptroller of Public Accounts Mike Collier Website Facebook Twitter
Commissioner of the General Land Office John F. Cook Website Facebook Twitter contact AT
Commissioner of Agriculture Jim Hogan article
Railroad Commissioner Steve Brown Website Facebook Twitter 832-330-4242 info AT
Chief Justice, Supreme Court William Moody Facebook
Justice, Supreme Court, Place 6 Lawrence Edward Meyers
Justice, Supreme Court, Place 7 Gina Benavides Website Facebook Twitter
Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Pl. 3 John Granberg Facebook
State Senator 9 Gregory R. Perry Website 817-908-3071 grperryforsenate9 AT
State Senator 23 Royce West INC Website Facebook Twitter 214-9GO-WEST royce.west AT
State Representative 100 Eric Johnson INC Website Facebook Twitter 214-760-1184 info AT
State Representative 102 George Clayton Website Facebook info AT
State Representative 103 Rafael M. Anchia INC Website Facebook Twitter info AT
State Representative 104 Roberto R. Alonzo INC Facebook alonzopc2003 AT
State Representative 105 Susan Motley Website   Twitter info AT
State Representative 107 Carol Donovan Website Facebook Twitter 214-823-1400 carolfortexas AT
State Representative 108 Leigh Bailey Website Facebook Twitter 469-319-0214 campaign AT
State Representative 109 Helen Giddings INC Website
State Representative 110 Toni Rose INC Website Facebook 214-717-9832 info AT
State Representative 111 Yvonne Davis INC
State Representative 113 Milton Whitley Website Facebook Twitter 214-641-4337 milton AT
State Representative 115 Paul K. Stafford Website Facebook Twitter 214-494-0145 info AT
State Board of Education 11 Nancy Bean Facebook
State Board of Education 12 Lois Parrott Website Twitter 214-328-6809 Loisperrott AT
State Board of Education 13 Erika Beltran Website Facebook Twitter 214-744-3149 erikabeltranfortexaskids AT
Judge, 44th Judicial District Bonnie Lee Goldstein Facebook bgoldstein AT
Judge, 68th Judicial District Martin Jerome Hoffman INC Website hoffmancampaign AT
Judge, 101st Judicial District Staci Williams Website info AT
Judge, 116th Judicial District Tonya Parker INC Website
Judge, 134th Judicial District Dale Tillery INC Website
Judge, 160th Judicial District Jim Jordan INC Website
Judge, 191st Judicial District Gena Slaughter INC Facebook
Judge, 192nd Judicial District Craig Smith INC Website
Judge, 193rd Judicial District Carl Ginsberg INC Website JudgeGinsbergCampaign AT
Judge, 194th Judicial District Ernest White INC Facebook
Judge, 195th Judicial District Fred Tinsley INC Website
Judge, 203rd Judicial District Teresa Hawthorne INC
Judge, 204th Judicial District Tammy Kemp Website Facebook Twitter info AT
Judge, 254th Judicial District James Martin INC Website Facebook jamesmartinforjudge AT
Judge, 255th Judicial District Kim Cooks   Facebook Twitter 214-942-9011 kimcooksforjudge AT
Judge, 256th Judicial District David Lopez INC
Judge, 265th Judicial District Jennifer Bennett Website Facebook Twitter 214-244-2410 jennifer AT
Judge, 282nd Judicial District Amber Givens Website Facebook 214-406-5038 amber AT
Judge, 283rd Judicial District Rick Magnis INC Website 214-284-1026 rick AT
Judge, 291st Judicial District Stephanie N. Mitchell Website Facebook stepupforjustice291 AT
Judge, 292nd Judicial District  Brandon Birmingham Website Twitter 214-390-4553 brandon AT
Judge, 298th Judicial District Emily G. Tobolowsky INC Website
Judge, 363rd Judicial District Tracy Holmes INC Website
Criminal Dist. Judge, Court 1 Robert Burns INC Website
Criminal Dist. Judge, Court 5 Carter Thompson INC
Criminal Dist. Judge, Court 6 Jeanine Howard INC Website
Criminal Dist. Judge, Court 7 Elizabeth Frizell   elizabethfrizell AT 
Family Dist. Judge, 301st Judicial Dist. Mary Brown Website Facebook 214-664-9884 judgemarybrown AT
Family Dist. Judge, 302nd Judicial Dist. Tena Callahan INC Website
Family Dist. Judge, 303rd Judicial Dist. Dennise Garcia INC Website
Family Dist. Judge, 304th Judicial Dist. Andrea Martin Website Facebook Twitter 469-503-1317 andreamartinforjudge AT
Family Dist. Judge, 305th Judicial Dist. Cheryl Lee Shannon INC Website 214-690-2428 judgeshannon AT
Family Dist. Judge, 330th Judicial Dist. Andrea Plumlee INC Website andrea.plumlee AT
District Attorney Craig Watkins INC Website Facebook Twitter 214-295-5715 info AT
Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins INC Website Facebook Twitter 214-485-7000 reelectclayjenkins AT
County Court At Law 1 D'Metria Benson INC Website Facebook
County Court At Law 2 King Fifer INC Website
County Court At Law 3 Sally Montgomery INC Website Facebook 972-247-7354 info AT
County Court At Law 4 Ken Tapscott INC Website
County Court At Law 5 Mark Greenberg INC Website
County Criminal Court 1 Dan Patterson INC Website 214-632-3483
County Criminal Court 2 Julia Hayes INC Website 214-727-2605 contact AT
County Criminal Court 3 Doug Skemp INC Website dougskemp AT
County Criminal Court 4 Nancy Mulder Website nancymulderforjudge AT
County Criminal Court 5 Lisa Green Website Facebook Twitter 214-864-0800 golisagreen AT
County Criminal Court 6 Angela M. King INC Website
County Criminal Court 7 Elizabeth Crowder INC Website info AT
County Criminal Court 8 Tina Yoo Clinton INC Website
County Criminal Court 9 Peggy Hoffman INC Website 469-358-6903 info AT
County Criminal Court 10 Rob Canas INC Website Facebook 214-653-5690 canasrob AT
County Criminal Court 11 Shequitta Kelly Website Facebook Twitter 214-444-9322 shequittakellyforjudge AT
County Criminal Court of Appeals 1 Kristin Wade INC Website
County Criminal Court of Appeals 2 Jeffrey L. Rosenfield INC Website
County Probate Court 1 Brenda Hull Thompson INC Website 214-674-8199 brendacampaign09 AT
County Probate Court 2 Ingrid Michelle Warren Website Facebook
County Probate Court 3 Margaret Jones-Johnson Website Facebook info AT
District Clerk Felicia Pitre Website 214-579-9045 felicia AT
Dallas County Clerk John Warren INC Website
Dallas County Treasurer Pauline Medrano Website Facebook 214-528-7808
County Commissioner 4 Elba Garcia INC Website Facebook Twitter campaign AT
Justice of the Peace Pct. 1 Pl. 1 Thomas G. Jones INC
Justice of the Peace Pct. 1 Pl. 2 Valencia Nash INC Website 214-450-0001 ValenciaNash AT
Justice of the Peace Pct. 2 Pl. 1 Bruce Parrott Website 214-328-6809 bruce AT
Justice of the Peace Pct. 4 Pl. 1 Norris "Stretch" Rideaux INC Website
Justice of the Peace Pct. 4 Pl. 2 Katy Hubener INC Website Facebook 214-228-3014 katy AT
Justice of the Peace Pct. 5 Pl. 1 Sara Martinez Website 214-707-2757
Justice of the Peace Pct. 5 Pl. 2 Juan Jasso INC Website 214-675-4981 electjuanjasso AT
Constable Pct.1 Cleophas Steele INC
Constable Pct. 4 Roy Williams Jr. INC Website Facebook Twitter 214-478-3113 voteforroywmsjr AT
Constable Pct. 5 Beth Villarreal INC Website Facebook Twitter