About the DCDP

The Dallas County Democratic Party is a county-level organization that provides support for Democratic candidates and voters in Dallas County. We work with the Texas Democratic Party and Democratic National Committee. The Texas Democratic Party supports local county parties and candidates all across Texas.

We are committed to expanding opportunity for every Dallas County resident. That commitment is reflected in an agenda that emphasizes strong economic growth, affordable health care for all Americans, retirement security, open, honest and accountable government, and securing our nation while protecting our civil rights and liberties. If immigration reform, criminal justice reform, civil rights and liberties, equal pay, clean drinking water and clean air are important to you, vote Democratic!

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The official head of the Dallas County Democratic Party is the County Chair, who is elected during the Democratic Primary every two years.  The County Chair is responsible for developing the policies and goals on which the party will focus during the next election and beyond.  The Executive Director, who works to implement the policies and goals set forth by the County Chair, handles the day-to-day activities within the party itself.  The Executive Director is hired by the County Chair.

The DCDP also keeps an Office Manager and a Bookkeeper on staff.  The Office Manager is responsible for maintaining the DCDP Offices located at 4209 Parry Avenue.   The Office Manager performs regular administrative duties within the office and manages any additional staff, volunteers or interns whom the DCDP may be employing.  The Bookkeeper is responsible for tracking the financial affairs of the party, which include managing contributions, payments, and other bills.

The Party Secretary is elected by the members of the Executive Committee.  The role of the Party Secretary is to record the minutes of each Executive Committee meeting, and to assist the County Chair in running the Executive Committee meeting.  The Party Treasurer is ultimately responsible for party finances and ensures that the DCDP complies with State and Federal law.  The Party Treasurer also heads the Financial Affairs committee, and is appointed by the County Chair.



Carol Donovan
County Chair
Carol Donovan was elected County Chair by the County Executive Committee on June 27, 2015, to replace Darlene Ewing, who resigned to run for Judge. This term will run through twenty days after the 2016 Democratic primary / runoff. She plans to run for a full term in that election. She is an attorney, mediator, and fundraiser who has been a Precinct Chair and was the first woman President of the University of Texas at Austin student body. In 2014 she was the Democratic candidate for State Representative in House District 107.  
Email Carol@dallasdemocrats.org

Carmen Ayala
Executive Director

Carmen Ayala was born and raised in East Dallas. She is a graduate of Skyline High School, El Centro College, and Texas Woman's University. She has a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Political Science. Carmen has been with the Party since 2012.
Email Carmen@dallasdemocrats.org 


Financial Director
Emma joined our team in 2013 as the party's part-time bookkeeper, after serving almost daily in 2012 as a "Fellow" with Organizing for America, President Obama's grassroots campaign. Currently, Emma is an adjunct mathematics professor with the Dallas County Community College District''s Eastfield Campus & Ana G. Mendez University (Based out of Puerto Rico). She serves as the treasurer of Dallas County East Democrats 
Email Emma@dallasdemocrats.org

Chris Nguyen
Special Projects Manager

Chris Nguyen assists with events, coordinates the DCDP Fellows, and helps with recruitment of volunteers and new precinct chairs. Precinct Chairs who need assistance with VAN or want to obtain voter list should contact Chris at chris@dallasdemocrats.org or call 469.230.2194

Zach Bullard
Elections Coordinator
Zach Bullard was born and raised in Dallas County. He got involved in politics during President Obama's re-election campaign and joined DCDP in 2014.
Email Zach@dallasdemocrats.org
Tessa McGlynn
Communications Director
Tessa is a graduating senior at the University of Texas at Dallas, where she serves as the president of the UTD College Democrats. She's a precinct chair and member of the Advisory Council. 
Email Tessa@dallasdemocrats.org
Clayburn Arnold
Special House District Coordinator
Clayburn has been hired part-time as Special House District Coordinator. He assists candidates (who do not have primary challengers) with any needs they may have and acts as a liaison between candidates and the County Party. He will never give you up, let you down, run around, or hurt you.
Email Clayburn@dallasdemocrats.org
Gary Garcia
Party Secretary
Gary, a native Dallasite, has been a life-long Democrat since the second grade when he saw President Kennedy that fateful day, November 22, 1963. Early on, his parents taught and encouraged Democratic involvement by participating in numerous campaigns and neighborhood precinct caucuses. He has continued his involvement as Precinct Chair, and he has proudly and faithfully served as Party Secretary since 2005.
Email Gary@dallasdemocrats.org

John Creuzot

Party Treasuer

John Creuzot was appointed Party Treasurer in 2015.  He is an attorney and a former Judge in Dallas County.

Bill Howell
Roundup Editor
Bill Howell currently edits the weekly DCDP email Roundup, Chairs the Strategic Planning Committee, and is Scribe and Parliamentarian of the Advisory Council. Bill was Dallas County Democratic Party Chair from 1999 to 2002, acted as Interim Executive Director from July through December 2013, and served as Parliamentarian at Executive Committee meetings when Darlene Ewing was Chair.
Email BillHowellDCDP@yahoo.com.

State Democratic Executive Committee

If you have spent time working with the Dallas County Democratic Party or attended an Executive Meeting, you probably have heard the term “SDEC” being mentioned.  SDEC stands for State Democratic Executive Committee; it is a special body created by the Texas Democratic State Party and is separate from the Dallas County Democratic Party. The State Democratic Executive Committee's mission is to: "Carry on the activities of the Party between State Conventions in compliance with the law and with the directives of the Convention." 

The SDEC is composed of elected TDP officers, one female and one male representative from each of Texas' 31 Senate Districts (SDs), one female and one male representative from the Asian American Democrats, Coalition of Black Democrats, County Chairs Association, Democrats with Disabilities, Hispanic Caucus, Non-Urban/Ag Caucus, Stonewall Democrats, Texas Democratic Women (two female representatives), Texas Environmental Democrats and Texas Young Democrats. Democratic National Committee members also attend SDEC meetings.

More concise information about the SDEC can be found at this link

Current SDEC Members from Dallas County

Steve A. Tillery
Senate District 2

(214) 534-7973

Alieca Hux
Senate District 2

Sulphur Springs
(903) 243-1797

James White
Senate District 8

(214) 244-7814

Deborah Angell Smith
Senate District 8



Celina Vasquez
Senate District 9

Tarrant County 

Michael McPhail
Senate District 9

(972) 922-6295

Janice Schwarz
Senate District 16

(214) 460-7283

David Griggs
Senate District 16

(214) 244-5979

Jeff Strater
Senate District 23

(214) 893-1336

Natesha “Shay” Wyrick-Cathey 
Senate District 23

(214) 850-9285

Asian American Democrats- Dallas County

Francine Ly
tel. 972.863.2935

Coalition of Black Democrats- Dallas County

Daniel Clayton
tel. 214.946.9378

Coalition of Dallas County Latino Precinct Chairs

Rebecca Arredondo

David Perez Hurley

Non-Urban/Ag Caucus- Dallas County

Bill Brannon
tel. 903.439.1177

JoAnn Jenkins
tel. 972.897.0963

Stonewall Democrats- Dallas County

Jay Narey
tel. 214.207.4462

Carol Cappa
tel. 817.306.8874


The Committees of the DCDP provide recommendations regarding formal policies, programs and procedures to the Advisory Council for the activities of the Party, and monitor implementation of these adopted recommendations. The Executive Committee and Chair may also create ad hoc committees as needed to provide recommendations regarding policies not within the purview of a standing committee. An example of an ad hoc committee would be the Rules Committee formed in 2009 to review DCDP party rules and make recommendations to help streamline the organization. The chair of each standing committee must be a Precinct Chair, and is responsible for reporting to the Advisory Council that committee's recommendations or findings. The members of each committee are accepted by the committee chair as Democrats having knowledge or expertise related to the specific committee and a commitment to the principles of the Democratic Party.

Committee Name


Regular Meetings

Candidate Recruitment Carolyn Morris As needed
Civil Rights Shayan Elahi As needed
Diversity Recruitment Frances Rizo As needed
Financial Affairs David Bradley As needed
Financial Audit Currently Inactive As needed
Fundraising Marvin Earle As needed
Information Technology Jim Burke As needed
Outreach & Communication Currently Inactive As needed
Precinct Chair Matters David Reazin 2nd Wednesday of each month from 7:00 – 8:30 pm. Visitors are welcome
Strategic Planning Bill Howell As needed
Youth Recruitment Chris Nguyen As needed

DCDP Advisory Council

The Advisory Council coordinates the development and adoption of policies by the DCDP standing committees, and reports its recommendations to the Executive Committee. In addition, the Advisory Council provides advice and counsel to the Chair of the DCDP.  The Executive Committee created the Advisory Council in 2005 to assist in the reorganization of the Dallas County Democratic Party.  Since that time, the Advisory Council has taken on the role of providing oversight for other party committees.

The goals of the Advisory Council are

  • Provide advice and counsel to the Dallas County Democratic Chair
  • Coordinate the development and adoption of policy for the DCDP
  • Provide support to the DCDP as requested by the Party Chair or Executive Committee
  • Establish, govern, and dissolve committees to assist this support.

When does the Advisory Council meet?

The Advisory Council meets at the offices of the Dallas County Democratic Party on the first Thursday of every month.  Meetings are open for any Democrat to attend and listen.  However, only representatives of the Advisory Council itself may vote on measures brought forth to the council.  Please check the DCDP's Community Calendar for the next upcoming Advisory Council meeting.  Alternate members vote only when they are replacing an absent representative from their district.

How can I join the Advisory Council?

Members to the Advisory Council are elected by the Executive Committee.  A full election for every member on the Council takes place during the first quarter of every odd-numbered year.  The Executive Committee will hold an election in between this period in order to fill vacant seats on the Advisory Council.  Members of the Executive Committee will break into caucuses based on Texas House District.  Members elected to the Advisory Council serve for a term of two years, but can run for re-election every two years.  There are no limits on the number of terms a member can serve.

Where can I find the Official By-Laws for the DCDP Advisory Council?

All documents relating to By-Laws, Rules, and Regulations of the DCDP are kept under the section DCDP Party By-Laws under Resources.  The By-Laws document goes into much greater detail about the Advisory Council than the general summary provided on this page.  If you are interested in joining the Advisory Council, we strongly suggest you review the Advisory Council's By-Laws document to better understand its rules and requirements.  You can find the documented By-Laws at this link: DCDP Advisory Council By-Laws.

Advisory Council Members






100 1065 Kevin Felder 214-559-6999
100 1059 Erica Cole 214-321-1159
100 -Alt 1 3022 Marilynn S. Mayse 214-475-3735
100 -Alt 2 1119 George Collins 214-793-9410
102 1706 Michele Glaze 972-494-1696
103 4086 David  Perez Jr. 214-769-2700
103-Alt 4097 Brent Sonntag
103 -Alt 4032 Geoff Staples 214-599-0260
104 4035 Roberto Jr. Alonzo 214-339-3397
104-Alt 3084 Gloria James 985-514-3196
105 Chair 4624 Susan Bradley 972-252-0919
105 -Alt 4611 Dick Dobson 972-790-5512
107 3300 Lynda J. Hall 972-226-4042
107-Alt 2073 Gary Garcia 214-298-1113
108 2220 Tom Blackwell
108-Alt Gary Foster 214-828-4254 /
109 3808 Marvin Earle 972-322-0215
109-Alt 1 Loretta Reed 214-868-1442 
109 3604 James Collier 972-207-2175
109 -Alt 2 3802 Carolyn Morris 469-261-5241
110 1088 Jean Ball 214-388-0977
110-Alt 1 1100 Allyn Coleman 214-753-7623
110 3082 Johnetta Williams 214-236-3646
110 - Alt 2 1092 Herlinda Resendiz 214-714-1886
111  Vice-Chair 3211 Frances  Rizo 214-336-9757
111- Alt 1 3602 Odell Montgomery 214-914-3081
111 3057 Frederick D. Lewis 214-564-8237
111 - Alt 2 3203 Carla Reynolds-Grogam 817-269-4229
112 2700 Rachel Baker Ford 972-530-6484
112-Alt 2512 Wesley Lue 214-914-5425
113 2715 Tessa McGlynn 214-864-7419
113-Alt 2933 Cynthia Worthington 214-244-0973
114 1005 Traci Williams 214-536-2941
114-Alt 2020 Rollin Gary 214-739-3355
 Scribe and Parliamentarian   Bill Howell  214-388-0977
 DCDP Treasurer   John Creuzot  

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